ACE Data Consulting

A Trustworthy Organization

ACE Data Consulting Services Co., Ltd. is established by the network of Japanese businessmen and professionals who have a lot of business experience in Myanmar, and successful Myanmar businessmen and professionals who understands the local business environment and have strong business relationship with Japan.

ACE Data Consulting competitiveness are the accessibility to information assets, large pool of established advisors who are prominent in various fields, academic society and has strong partners in key area.

ACE Data Consulting has been continuously developing and maintaining Information Bank and regularly providing in depth information in following areas:

  • Political, Social and Economic situation in Myanmar
  • Legal Affairs
  • ICT Sector
  • Industry and Manufacturing Sector
  • Transportation Sector
  • Agriculture and Forest Sector
  • Energy and Mining Sector

Myanmar, a country of nearly 60 million populations has all the potential for development. The country is stepping forward into brighter future through concrete democratization process. It is also integrating back into international community through cooperation with various nations, global institutions and organization. The business environment is changing positively and various cooperation and investment opportunities are emerging.

ACE Data Consulting will support you to find endless business opportunities in Myanmar and help you advance your business and investment in Myanmar.